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GT Journey: Enriching the Campus Experience

It’s something most new students experience: going into a classroom, choosing a random seat and possibly being stuck in that seat for the semester. Some students luck out and snag the perfect spot; it’s comfy and situated near an electrical outlet. For others, the chair might be broken or it’s in a Wi-Fi dead spot.

Ying Yao realizes that finding the perfect seat is a small problem, but it’s one she wanted to tackle. So she and two other Georgia Tech students decided to build a web-based application.

2015 IPaT Spring Town Hall

Earlier this month, IPaT hosted its 2015 “New Year” Town Hall. IPaT executive director Beth Mynatt opened the meeting with a look at opportunities on the horizon for GT faculty and students, including seed grants, upcoming conferences and weekly events to foster networking and collaboration.

Georgia Tech @ CHI 2015

CHI, the international Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, is set for April 18 - 23 in Seoul, South Korea. The conference attracts the world's leading researchers and practitioners in computer science, cognitive psychology, design, social science, artificial intelligence and more.

Georgia Tech is a Top Ten Institution at CHI 2015, with 13 accepted papers on topics ranging from internet data management and autism support to communication channels for couples. Five of our researchers have received honorable mentions at the conference.

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