• East Point

    “Creating a better connected Georgia requires research and collaboration from many stakeholders across every layer of the public and private sector.”

    -Christine Primmer, Strategic Manager, Georgia Power Smart Cities Initiative

  • Columbus

    “This vital initiative significantly expands our state's ability to bring smart connectivity and leading-edge technologies to all of our communities.”

    -Larry K. Williams, President and CEO, Technology Association of Georgia

  • Athens

    “The Georgia Smart Communities Challenge is a great team effort that utilizes state expertise, technology and leadership to help communities compete in economic development.”

    -Pat Wilson, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Economic Development

  • Savannah

    “Community initiatives can be more successful through collaborative, people-focused approaches, and those qualities are what make the Georgia Smart Communities Challenge an important effort for the region.”

    -Doug Hooker, Executive Director, Atlanta Regional Commission

Georgia Smart 2018 Challenge Winners

City of Albany
The city of Albany, will develop and evaluate an automated housing registry for the city as part of a Smart Resilience initiative using grant funding...
Chatham County
Chatham County will design, develop, and test a pilot sensor network for measuring sea level flood risk in order to inform government officials and...
City of Chamblee
The City of Chamblee will study the issues, technology, and best practices related to the use of Shared Autonomous Vehicles (SAV) for helping to...
Gwinnett County
Gwinnett County will use Georgia Smart grant funding to evaluate traffic management technologies for improved vehicle mobility throughout the region...
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