Strategic Partnerships

Georgia Tech is actively engaging government and industry partners at every level in smart cities research.


Georgia Smart

“Georgia Smart” fosters awareness and adoption of advanced technologies and data in the public sector by supporting projects with local governments across the state.



Meet the people who are working across multiple disciplines to advance Georgia Tech's Smart Cities & Inclusive Innovation initiative.


Hot Cities 2050

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What will happen when our cities are too hot to control and live in, can we manage? Researchers, city officials, entrepreneurs, industry specialists, and journalists from across the country gathered at Georgia Tech on January 8 to discuss this question. “Hot Cities 2050” hosted at Georgia Tech, looked at how global warming affects our cities and how we could change cities for the better or continue to exacerbate our problems, depending on how we plan for the future.



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Panel: Role of the University in Addressing Equity in Smart Cities
Interdisciplinary scholars from around the world gathered in Tech Square on April 25 and 26 for the Beyond Smart Symposium. They reflected on issues of researching smart city deployments and projects.
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