City of Atlanta

The City of Atlanta has decided to focus its Smart City efforts on 5 core pillars: multi-mode transport, public safety, the environment, city operations efficiency and citizen/business engagement. Their strategy leverages data to make better-informed decisions that impact our residents, visitors, and businesses. In utilizing a data-centric model, they are able to use descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive capabilities to radically improve city operational efficiency, service delivery, and transparency.




Georgia Tech and the Atlanta Police Department are working together to test an algorithm that finds connections between crime incidents. It dissects incident reports, learns the similarities between words, and common patterns in how crimes occurred.


Georgia Tech and the City of Atlanta are leveraging technology and data from the North Avenue Smart Corridor Project to improve traffic operations along the corridor. Researchers are using data collected from various sources to improve traffic signal timing, energy use, and emissions.


Coming in 2018

- Water leakage analytics
- Watershed management